Remove taxes for incomes under 95k

Increase taxes to 75% for incomes and capitol gains over 125k. Removes taxes for carbon neutral products.


Green New Deal

Invest in sustainable technologies and infrastructure while also creating opportunities for low income and disadvantaged groups to transition into high paying green jobs. We must provide  training, food, housing, and transportation stipends to people on this path

Ban Pesticides

Ban all non-organic food which has any studies linking ingredients to cancer. Create government funded  environmentally friendly programs for pest deterrent. Restaff EPA with climate change acceptance scientists.


Subsidize Hemp. Remove subsidies for soybean and corn. Create programs for those most affected by the unjust prohibition of cannabis, including no money down startup loans and grants for hemp production and processing for low and no income applicants.

Legalize Cannabis

Please check out my National Cannabis Plan 

Income Equality

Creates legislation which states conditions businesses must operate within, such as no pay gap larger than 5% between highest and lowest earners in companies. All public entities must include shares with every employee.



End Student Loan Debt. Create free K-PHD/ND/MD/VD. Increase school lunch budgets and restrict non organic food, add mandatory vegan option to students menus.  Increase Dept of Education budget.

I support Medicare For All. I believe in healthcare as a right.

End War


Offer quicker and easier path to citizenship. Create food, transportation, and living expense stipends. We need more judges and lawyers. We need more humanitarian aide, not more military aide.


Create legislation which states money is not free speech. Create legislation which states corporations are not people, and that people must have a pulse to be considered covered by the Constitution. 

End Pollution

Create legislation which states the environment is a person and allows citizens to petition the government on it's behalf. This includes protections from damages related to misinformation about the effects of pollution. This would include endangered species additions, and Native land protections. Ban artificial pesticides. Ban non-organic farming. Strengthen farm water runoff regulations. Allow leafs to accumulate on top soil areas on government properties.




I want to make elections both free from money and accessible for everyone. I believe campaigns should be government funded, no donations allowed, have strict media guidelines, and require information on topics asked by the people. I want to ban businesses and religion from participating in government policies, including lobbying.

Wealth Redistribution 

Through genocide, slavery, racism, and corruption, wealth inequality has risen. Recognizing inequality is not enough. We need to act, we need to redistribute wealth from the hands of the millionaires and billionaires and give it to everyday Americans. America has never treated everyone equally, it's about time we start.

End the lower and upper class by creating a vibrant society without class systems.

Stop fueling global conflicts by regime change and arms sells. Create a peace economy, as opposed to the war economy that dominates today.


I believe we need constitutional amendments which protects us from monopolies, pollution, and money that reflects the problems facing the world today.


Create mandatory requirements for vaccines manufactures to include only the agent in which the body is supposed to build immunity to. Require naturopathic doctors regulate vaccines safety approval. Mandate FDA use the World Health Organization's research, and other major scientific sources.

People's choice

I will write legislation which makes all nominations and appointments made by presidents who did not win the popular vote void. I will write legislation which requires all those removed to be investigated.

Justice Reform

Recognize drug offenses as mental health issues, not a crimes. End bail money. Increase funding for free lawyers and legal advice services. Make legislation so police are held to higher standard with higher punishments. Add front and back body cams. Add 360 degree recording from cruiser. Implement drone no-confrontation assistance in patrol cars. Ban police from using deadly weapons.

Breakup Monopolies

Breakup big bank, military industrial complex, agriculture, automotive, internet, social media, and finance. Create aggressive legislation to combat those in society that would attempt to re-monopolize industry.

Protect the Oceans


Create Congressional funding for agro-hoods. Funding to include incentives for urbanized and small farms with emphasis on organic practices and equal distribution among region and population. End food deserts while removing the pollution that comes from transporting goods from conventional row and till big mono culture farms to communities. We should be focusing our resources on developing small communities, rather than subsidizing big farms. 


Forgive all student loan debt. Set new terms for all schools to operate to include charging standard. Create negotiation based controls for pricing.  End charter schools. Create Congressional funding for pre K - MD/PHD/ND/VD education for all citizens, along with living, transportation and food stipends. Remove local taxes for schools, replace with standard rate paid directly to national fund, matched by Congressional funding, then redistributed equally. Create grant funding for renewable energy retro applications.

Mandate Navy protects oceans from pollution. Create Congressional funding for ocean cleanup, bio-remediation, and application measurement programs. I also support constitutional revisions to give all people the ability to petition on behalf of the environment.

Citizen Health

Create Congressional funding for studying nutrient density in crops and physical degeneration in worldwide populations, cannabis, and all mycological applications in medicine,  


Legalize all forms of Cannabis sp and all Fungi (mushrooms)


I strongly believe a Constitutional Amendment is needed to address, identify, and protect members of the LGBTQ community. I believe that no business should be allowed to deny services to LGBTQ people, nor should a government allow its citizens to discriminate

Parental Rights

Massive Replanting

Create Congressional funding for replanting of all government funded facility's landscaping  trees, grass, and shrubs. Mandate replacements be edible to either human or bee with at least 50% dedicated to human. Mandate citizens have use of all government land which produces food. Ban all non-organic  pesticides. Mandate soil mycho-remediation at contaminated sites.

Create Congressional funding for individuals to replant trees, with the requirements as above. Mandate vacant lots be fully treed. Mandate corporations cannot hold vacant land. Mandate corporations that have land in use to follow Citizen and Congress approved formula to calculate replant requirement. 

Many of us parents are unjustly removed from our children's lives. Many fathers must fight for custody, and often spend their entire earning ability to just see their children. I believe we need equal parenting protection legislation and a money free avenue for disputing child custody. I believe 50/50 should be the established starting point, and that stricter guidelines to enforcing visitation is necessary. I will fight for those who have lost their children to the legal system.

End Cash Bail

No one should be forced to stay in jail because they are too poor to bail out. 

Full Cycle

I believe all products should be required to have a full recycle plan implemented, and that the government should enforce these standards with harsh penalties for any person or company that violate them. I also support massive fines and incarceration for polluting companies CEO. I believe if you find trash from a company on the ground then that company should be punished, period.  That punishment will include the company is required for pay for cleanup and restoration of habitat. If action fails to commence within 15 days than the company will loose % of their earning everyday until the project has been completed.