Solving Our Global Issues

Myco Remediation
Paul Stametes explains how an emerging new science, mycology (mushrooms), can save our world. He covers subjects from oil spills to pest control. After watching this video for the first time, I changed my major to mycology and moved to Washington, to attend one of the few mycology schools in the country.
Venus Project
The Venus Project is a resource based economy model that is currently being explored. Pollution, housing, and resource allocation are central points in this project.
Check out this Ted Talks on hemp, and the important role it can play in building our sustainable green future of peace.
Check out an organic building material that can be made from waste. Mycobricks can replace a multitude of things, check it out!
Urban Farming
Urban farming is on the rise. Join the revolution by decreasing your dependence on food imports. In this video, we see how one of the most industrialized cities is joining this movement!