Hi, I'm Stephen Wright

I'm a 33 year old Native American, Choctaw Nation, from Oklahoma that's running for Oklahoma Congressional District 3. I've served in the US Army and the US Air Force. I used my GI Bill to obtain an education in agrobiology, which is a field of biology that deals with soil science and plant nutrition and its application to crop production. Currently I grow commercial cannabis and medicinal mushrooms, such as lions mane and pink oysters. some of my hobbies include researching and applying sustainable growth models that produce high nutrient density crops. 
I want to tell you more of who I am. I'll start with my family because they are everything to me, I'm the father of 3 daughters, two sons, and I have an adorable and loving wife. I have one sister left. I lost my siblings to a rare disease. It didn't take them suddenly, they lived to be in their teens while still possessing the mind of an infant. I saw my father struggle to make ends meet while caring for two children with disabilities. As I grew, I learned empathy and compassion from what I witnessed and experienced with my siblings. I understand the pain we feel when our loved ones become sick. I understand that our health means everything to us, and our loved ones #MedicareForAll
I began my early career as a carpentry apprentice at Job Corps at the age of 16. Following, I worked in IT support until I enlisted. I served in the Air Force as a civil engineer, I joined to help rebuild areas that were devastated by natural disasters. I served in the Army as infantry and was injured shortly after.
Afterwards I continued my studies at Edmonds Community College in computer science, University of Hawaii in botany and the Evergreen State College in agrobiology.
I strongly believe in standing up for my co workers, In 2016 I stopped Green Labs from poisoning their staff. The company had been burning plastic packaging in a room with no ventilation, and company policy was to keep the door closed. I tried to work with management, even showing them scientific studies that what they were doing could lead to cancer for their workers. They didn't give two shits. I reported them, I was then fired for reporting to Labor and Industries. Green Labs was fined+forced to provide respirators for those workers in the room that melted packaging.
I strongly believe in protecting patients. In 2017 I stopped BMF from hiding Vermiculite+Fertilizer in their marijuana buds and altering test samples before they are sent to the lab to conceal this. I was fired for reporting this to my boss. I reported the company to LCB and product was seized and confirmed, the company was investigated, then lied about knowing about altering samples in court, then were fined for what I reported. Washington State implemented microscopy testing requirements on all marijuana testing as a result of my reporting.
I believe political parties facilitate the consolidation of power and aide in shielding their members from criticism. I believe there is no fixing the two party dominant system, and joining a political party would contribute to the problem. I believe candidates should stand on their own.

I am a progressive independent. I believe we, and our children, deserve healthcare without restriction, college without debt, an infrastructure that is sustainable, equal justice, and an economy that works for everyone.
What policies would you like to see enacted or changed?
How well do you think I represent your values?
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